Basics in Sports Betting: Decisive Factors in Betting

I can say with confidence that there are no ideal options in betting, no matter how much anyone would like, they don’t exist. Sport and any other discipline is just a model used to offer a choice of probability, nothing more. It can be not only a sport but anything where there are 2 or more variations to choose from. Well, if you want to test your betting skills yourself, then visit 22Bet.

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Maybe I’ll upset someone or vice versa, but sports betting is a series of losses and wins. All that an interested (professional) betterer can do is to reduce the number of losses naturally. Let’s figure out in this article how this can be achieved.

Experience and Statistics

Of course, the main and decisive factor is experience. The next point is the reference software (statistical data).

Now there are many services, programs, and telegram channels on the Internet, where we are offered to rely on information based mainly on statistics of past matches. There are of course LIVE analyzers, by the way, they are more efficient and effective than pre-match analyzers.


The next point is clear bankroll management (distribution of the game bank), namely, you need to understand at what distance and how much you plan to earn with this or that bank. The fixed rates of top betters are 3-5% of the bank to stay in a comfortable zone. Only the distance gives a positive result. Stuffing half a bank or All-in into one bet, 100%, will lead any person to defeat and loss of all funds, even if not from the first time, but it will lead. This is the truth.

Responsible Attitude

Well, the final and most important factor of a successful game is a responsible attitude, since we are dealing with excitement. Is it possible to learn to control this process!? Yes, it is possible. But the percentage of people who know how to control themselves and make the right decisions is very small, which is why we see a lot of thriving bookmakers.

How to Choose the Right Odds in Sports Betting?

Choosing odds in bets is not an easy task. Over time, the player will be able to independently determine all the nuances of bookmakers. However, at the very beginning of the path, it will be incredibly difficult for the player to decide on the choice of the coefficient.

Classification of Odds

  • Low – values from 1.01 to 1.3 are considered to be such coefficients. Such coefficients are usually used in express bets.
  • Averages – values from 1.3 to 3.5. Often the coefficients that fall under this category are found in draws or duels with equal opponents.
  • High – values exceeding 3.5. High bets are popular among gamblers who bet on outright outsiders in the hope of a sensational result, which is not uncommon in the world of sports.

Important Details

The most important factor significantly affecting the level of the coefficient is the margin percentage, which is set by the operator in the betting lines. High-margin indicators cause low-coefficient indicators. Also, the player will need to choose a strategy for playing on certain digital values.

For example, such a strategy as a Ladder is suitable for any of the considered types of coefficients. The Shchukin method or Catch-up, as a rule, is advisable to apply for small coefficients. Valley betting has proven itself well when playing at high odds. The basis of this system is a thorough analysis of potentially sensational duels, such as a draw in a basketball match or the victory of a hopeless outsider in a football match.

Such sensations in sports are quite common. There are sports that you can bet on with a decent coefficient in Live mode: lawn and table tennis, volleyball, and hockey. But most sports are well suited for betting on lines.

Optimal Odds

If you decide to learn how to make money on sports sweepstakes, be patient and get ready for hard and exhausting work. It is not uncommon to find cases with manipulations of bookmakers regarding their lines, and then new inexperienced players come across them.

Let’s give an example, the Barcelona – Getafe football match. The Catalan club is rightfully considered the undisputed favorite here, which is confirmed by the coefficient of 1.3. During the day, the coefficient for Barcelona’s victory decreases to 1.15, in this case, a newcomer in the betting world puts a large amount of money on Barcelona’s Victoria or includes this outcome in the express.


The match ended with a draw result of 1:1. What caused the drop in the coefficient for winning Barcelona? The analysts of the bookmaker cantors are not involved in this, who decided that the chances of winning Bars have increased significantly. It just turned out to be an elementary “progress” of the line, in which most of the players bet on the victory of Barcelona.


The coefficient must be chosen reasonably, resorting to its forecast. There are also programs on the Internet to calculate the possible outcome of the duel, but such programs are very dubious.


We hope that this article was useful to you and you will be able to apply this knowledge in practice. Be reasonable and remember that sports betting is entertainment and not a permanent income.


An experienced tipster and big football lover.