Betting on Football: Types Of Football Bets You Need To Know As The Bettor

Football is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. The International Football Federation (FIFA) estimates that more than four billion people around the world follow the game of football and can call themselves soccer fans, and over  260 million people regularly play their favorite sport. So no wonder many bookmakers and providers of international betting platforms including 22Bet Czech allow the bettors to place bets on different football matches, and on the margin of the victory, the total number of points scored in the match, etc. Therefore everyone’s passions can be catered for and every bettor (an experienced one, or newbie) can find the perfect type of sports bets for him to choose.


So in the world of football, the odds can be set on everything in the game, not just the result. The variety of football bets makes betting a very interesting and entertaining activity, but in order not to drown in the endless variety and regularly win at bets it is important to understand the differences between different sports bets. In this article, there is a brief overview of all the most popular types of football bets. In this article, we have also listed the most common betting tips on how to place bets and win money.

Money Line Bets

An outcome is a bet on the result of a match. The simplest, most understandable, and most popular type of betting. There are three possible outcomes: a win for the first team, a win for the second team, or a draw. With the right approach, this type of betting allows you to get a good yield, and it can be used in different strategies. For example, if you like Manchester United to win, you would place a bet on their money line. This type of sports bet is the most common sports bet and is pretty easy to understand.

Over/Under Bets (Total Bets)

The total is the number of certain events in the match. Goals, cards, corners, passes, and so on. More often bet on the number of goals or pucks, because this figure is easier to predict and easier to track. A popular type of bet, which is loved by players around the world. The logic is very simple, the analysis of the match takes little time. Integer totals allow ensuring the bet.

Point Bets (Handicap)

Handicap is an analog of handicap, a bet on the score gap. To win it is necessary to guess the advantage of one of the teams by the results of the match. A large selection of outcomes for the match and the possibility of return for an integer handicap. New experience and interesting calculation mechanics. Asian handicap offers betting on two handicaps simultaneously. So you can get a win or refund a part of the bet. The main thing is that the margin percentage does not increase as in the express.

Live Bets

Live bets are the bets that are placed after a football match has already started. It will be difficult for beginners to bet in live bets, you need to be well-versed in the types of entries, react quickly to changes in odds, and be able to analyze the situation in real-time. However, live betting is one of the most entertaining and thrilling types of sports betting at all.

Future Bets

Futures are placed on the future outcomes of the football matches, and one of the types of future bets is the bet on whether the team wins a championship, etc. Passing is a bet on the passage of the team to the next round of the confrontation. This type of bet only works in elimination games. These are cup tournaments or championship playoff series. “Passing” allows you to minimize some of the risks and increase the chances of winning.

Parlay Bets

This is a progressive betting strategy, that is, a system in which the betting amount increases. Parlay bet combines multiple wagers into one winning wager. The bottom line is that after each win, the amount of profit is added to the original amount. The profits get multiplied after each win, and it makes parlay bets very attractive.

Middle Bets

A strategy for the game in a bookmaker’s office, which allows one to make a profit by betting on the opposite outcomes of the event. Bets need to be made in different offices.

Of course, there are many more types of betting, for example, correct score betting (predicting the exact end score), first or last goal scorer betting (betting on which player will score the first or the last goal), and betting on the time of first goal betting. Often bookmakers offer specific types of bets which combine several events. For example: “One team will score and another team wins”. Not only is such an outcome extremely difficult to predict, but the bet will also be calculated on the principle of an express.


Now that you are familiar with different sports bets, the best thing you can do is choose the best one for you. To learn more about them you can start doing research and placing real bets on virtual betting websites. The most important thing to remember is that your betting decisions must be well-informed and based on serious research. Never place bets on football (or other sports) if you aren’t sure whether your wager would win or not. It is also important to use reputable licensed bookmakers with reasonable odds, if possible, then choose the football matches with low odds and bet reasonably.


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