wayne rooney, poker player

What profession one should have to use sports betting tips or join poker table

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It is no secret that most show business stars had another profession before they’ve become famous and that profession was very far from what they’re doing now. It is relevant to poker pros as well.
In this article we will tell you of what education and professional experience do players sitting at the world class poker table have as well as some amateurs of this intellectual game.

wayne rooney, poker player


Such famous poker players as Vanessa Rousso and Greg Reimer have chosen the profession of lawyer. Greg turned down successful lawyer career to become professional poker player despite spending ten years on law practice. His poker career now lasts for more than 15 years and he reached a lot for this tome, taking a title of World Series of Poker winner. Vanessa Rousso was interested in poker in her students years when she studied for lawyer in Miami University. Her hobby didn’t allow her to finish her studying but she reached an immense success in poker.


No wonder poker players were useful in this profession as businessman are closely connected with money and they think a lot about where to invest. They also have stubbornness and ambitions. The representatives of this profession who started playing poker are Peter Eastgate and John Juanda. Peter and John had to quit studying economy to have a deeper look at poker.


Famous movie stars also enjoy playing poker. Among the fans of this game are Ben Affleck, who regularly participates in tournament proving he is a not bad player. Famous actress Jennifer Tilly earned about 500 000 dollars playing poker, while Shannon Elisabeth won 200 thousand dollars in result of successful poker play.


Many athletes changed their passion to physical activities to sports game. Andy Roddick, Greg Mueller, Steve Dais, Boris Becker – those names are just starting the list of athletes who quitted sports for poker. Many world sports stars signed contracts with poker rooms. There is a possibility poker rooms use the names of famous people to attract as much players to their tournaments as they can.
As we can see, the love to poker unites many interesting people of both sexes with completely different attractions and activities.


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