Top 6 talking points from the Russia 2018 World Cup thus far

The Russia 2018 World Cup has seen events and outcomes that have defied many odds thus far. This could eventually turn out to be one of those tournaments where a less fancied side emerges and clinches the trophy going by proceedings thus far unless Brazil and France can live up to their billing.
Korea Republic celebrates after victory against Germany at World Cup 2018

The tournament has been an exciting one that has gone on to produce some scintillating displays and goal-laden encounters. The tournament has also seen the introduction of a major innovation whilst seeing the downfall of fall of some supposed footballing powerhouses, individual wise, and country wise.

It has been a fun-filled tournament although only a handful would have dared to take advantage of the odds before games, as well as the live sports betting odds that were available when these games that produced shocking results were being played. Who saw Mexico beating Germany 1 nil in their opening group game? Iceland drawing Argentina? How many tipsters predicted that the Korea Republic would beat Germany, a result that saw the Asians hammering a nail into Germany’s group stage elimination casket, and many more.

Regardless, there are some notable developments that have caught our eye in the course of the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup and we’ve taken note of them here:


  1. All Africans teams were eliminated from the group stages of the competition.
  2. The fair play rule was applied and it favored the Japan national team as Senegal were eliminated after garnering more yellow cards than the Japanese after they were tied on points and goals difference after the three games played in the group stage.
  3. The defending champions Germany were ousted from the group stage and finished bottom in a group that consisted of Mexico, Korea Republic, and Sweden. It was a fairly easy group on paper for the Germans before the World Cup defending champions curse struck.
  4. VAR was called into action severally in the tournament and still remains crucial in these knockout phases of the competitions.
  5. Major and minor favorites and supposed heavyweights in the likes of Argentina, Germany, Spain, and Portugal have all been eliminated from the competition.
  6. There was the possibility of Lionel Messi facing Cristiano Ronaldo in the quarterfinals of the competition. However, France and Uruguay had a thing or two to say about that.


These are the few we have noted down, and hopefully. as the tournament progresses, more will come up.


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