Tips for Beginners on How to Count Cards in Blackjack Online

The major trick in any blackjack strategy involving card counting is to keep meticulous track of the available low and high-value cards in the play. This provides an idea of how favorable the proceeding hands will be for the player, therefore allowing him or her to minimize losses and escape the house edge in the casino. For anyone with decent mathematical knowledge, this should be fairly easy.


Get your basics right

To ace basic blackjack, one has to be well versed in the basic foundation of the game itself. This includes being familiar with all the technicalities of the game, such as the rulebook, getting to know all the sets of cards involved, and the bets that can be placed along with the sizing of the bets.

The rulebook in a nutshell

The basic set of blackjack rules is fairly simple. All legitimate casino websites and platforms like Casinia should automatically provide you with the rulebook once you enter the game.

The game uses standard packs of cards ranging from 2 to 6. The main objective of the game is to beat the dealer by scoring a perfect twenty-one without exceeding the total itself. The players are allowed to bet on the hands before the cards are dealt and limits are determined here. Then, two rounds of cards are dealt face-up, except for the dealer who gets one card face up and one card face down.

The gameplay

Then, the players are allowed to choose if they would like to stand or hit, which stands for whether they would like to not draw a card, or draw a card to attempt a score of 21. In the second case, the hand can then go over or under 21. When the deal becomes a bust i.e., over, the player loses and the dealer collects the bets that have been wagered.

The game then continues and after the second round is concluded, the dealer is asked to turn the face-down card dealt previously. If the total is under 16, the dealer has no choice but to draw a card.

Tricks and techniques

The most important technique required to ace the game of blackjack is card counting. For someone with a high level of memory and retention power, it might even be possible to memorize the entire card set possessed by every player in the game. This might be an additional party trick that can be highly beneficial especially in games like blackjack.


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