Sky Bet Super 6 tips

Despite online gambling being as enjoyable a hobby as ever, there’s been a rise in the amount of free-to-play games being developed, which sees bookmakers offering a feature to their customers which doesn’t even need any money to be staked in order for punters to take part. Soccer Saturday Super 6 is arguably the best free-to-play game on the market and stands as a favourite among the gambling community.

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It’s easy to see why Sky Super 6 is so popular with it being free to play and easily accessible through the SkyBet mobile app and website. There’s a new round of Super 6 every week and all you need to do in order to take part is select the exact final result in six football fixtures that have been chosen by SkyBet. The concept makes it sound simple in principle, but correctly predicting the match results of all six games is surprisingly difficult.

How to win Super 6

While it must be kept in mind that there isn’t a guaranteed way of winning the Soccer Saturday Super 6, you can definitely heighten your chances. This is done through doing your research over all involved sides before confirming your entries for the current gameweek. As a basic example, if you’re working out the outcome of a Tottenham Hotspur game, it will not only depend on them, but also the team they’re playing.

If Tottenham Hotspur have been beating every team they’ve been playing by a heavy deficit and are set to play out a cup game against a lower league side, it would be fair to say that they might win by a high margin yet again. This applies the same to taking on a tougher Premier League side, where they might draw, or even lose their upcoming fixture. Finding this sort of help can be difficult, which is why FootyAccumulators run their own free super 6 tips and predictions devoted to helping newcomers who aren’t sure what to select for the current round.

What is Golden Goal?

There are no tricks to playing Super 6 and it is completely free. You need to know all of the ins and outs before submitting your own entry though, as there are some factors that could prevent you from being deservedly crowned as winner.

This primarily includes the Golden Goal feature, which is always at the end of all Super 6 entries. It’s a tie-breaker for the instance where there’s more than one player with the same score. All you need to do for your own Super 6 Golden Goal entry is give the minute of the first goal out of all included games.


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