Football Stars Who Love Gambling

The life of a professional athlete is far from easy. These guys go through a lot of pain and suffering before they become what they are – superstar athletes. That’s also why some of them search for everyday relief in not so sporty activities like gambling.

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But who do you think are the most famous soccer stars who play casino games? If this sounds like an interesting topic, read on to learn about our top four picks. Let’s dive in!

Football stars who love gambling 

Football stars who love gambling can’t stay unnoticed for too long, so this section concentrates on top-level names.

neymar gambling


Some of these examples are based on well-documented stories and videos, while others are based on unofficial reports. We did our best to check each source, which is also how we came up with these four names on our list of the biggest gamblers in football.

1.  Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr. has never been shy about his love for casino games, particularly poker. He has been spotted at numerous high-profile poker tournaments – the most notable is, of course, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas.

Back in 2018, Neymar Jr. took part in the European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona Main Event as the biggest celebrity. He didn’t win the tournament, but he did prove his dedication to the game. This occurrence served as a conspicuous manifestation of his eagerness to engage in spirited competition alongside eminent poker connoisseurs, thereby underscoring his authentic fascination with the realm of gambling.

However, it’s important to note that Neymar Jr. has received both praise and criticism for his love for casinos. Yeah, it’s true that some fans enjoy following his games – but there is a massive base of soccer spectators who strongly disagree. Neymar, they believe, sets a questionable example (to say the least) for his younger fans.

Despite his affinity for gambling, Neymar Jr. has emphasized the importance of responsible gaming. He has ardently emphasized in his interviews the imperative of exercising moderation and self-discipline in one’s dalliances with gambling games. Furthermore, he has generously regaled audiences with narratives of personal setbacks, emphasizing the principle that casino gaming should be approached primarily for amusement, as opposed to a vehicle for sudden enrichment.

2.  Wayne Rooney

Number two on our list of professional football gamblers is Wayne Rooney. The former England international – and Manchester United legend – had his fair share of gambling controversies.

Rooney’s gambling struggles have been widely documented in the media, with some incidents being highly publicized. In 2017, while he was playing for Everton, Rooney was arrested for drunk driving, and it was revealed that he had been gambling heavily on the same night.

This habit wasn’t limited to occasional bets and the latest scores. Reports insinuated that he had amassed considerable gambling obligations. These episodes showcase the perils that can accompany the mix of professional athletes and the world of gambling, as it occasionally culminates in personal and legal quandaries.

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo 

Unlike some other football stars, there is no full-proof evidence that Cristiano Ronaldo is a passionate gambler. A superb facet of Cristiano’s illustrious career resides in the conspicuous absence of substantial gambling imbroglios or untoward incidents. In an era where certain football luminaries have garnered media attention for their dalliances with games of chance, he has maintained an aura of discretion.

However, Ronaldo’s off-field activities mostly revolve around endorsement deals, including poker-related sponsorships. He has been associated with various high-profile brands that kept him busy outside of football.

4.  Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has been involved in more than one gambling incident. Journalists photographed him at casinos as well as betting shops even between matches. These incidents fueled speculation about his gambling habits.

Balotelli’s predilection for gaming has purportedly borne financial ramifications. Reports have emerged detailing the striker’s accrual of substantial gambling indebtedness throughout the passage of time. These fiscal tribulations have, on occasion, cast a shadow over his illustrious footballing vocation, giving rise to legal entanglements and impinging upon his personal sphere.


Contrary to popular belief (especially among young fans), pro athletes are human beings just like the rest of us. That’s why we keep seeing some of them engaged in unusual activities like gaming. This post focused on four names:


        Neymar Jr

        Wayne Rooney

        Cristiano Ronaldo

        Mario Balotelli


Do you think we missed some important names? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!


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