Euro 2016: Who will win?

There are only one day left until the EURO 2016 start and everyone thinking about placing bets on the winner of this competition.

France are the host of this competition and according to bookies they are the main favorite to win EURO 2016, but odds for winners are not always right. Do you remember Greece in 2004 when they shocked and won the trophy in Portugal? Or Denmark in 1992? Denmark failed to qualify on EURO ’92, but due to civil war in Yugoslavia they got a last-minute invitation and lift the trophy.

This is the first European Championship that will feature 24 teams instead of 16, so if you consider to bet on who’s going to be the winner of the EURO 2016 or whether a team is going to the qualify for the knockout stage or not, one thing is more than clear – there are plenty of betting options.

The latest World Cup Champions, Germany, are one of the main candidates to win the EURO 2016. According to William Hill sports betting, odd on Germany to win European Championships is pretty good 5.00, but are they capable to do it!? On the other side, France as a host have a value of 4.00.

According to UEFA ‘s national team coefficient, the strongest European teams qualified for the Euro 2016 are, in this order: Germany, Spain, England, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, France and Russia.

Russia are in a very poor form and we will eliminated them from the favorites. Portugal, except Cristiano Ronaldo, don’t have some impressive players, so it’s hard to believe that they can reach the final. Belgium have made a progress in the last few years and they have very good and talented players, but their key player Hazard had a terrible season, so we don’t see them close to trophy. Germany have very strong squad, but in the last few matches they weren’t impressive, so we will eliminated them. Spain

So, there are four football national teams left, according to our predictions. France, England, Italy and Spain are main favorites to win EURO 2016 and between them we will looking for a winner.

France are the main favorites to win EURO 2016. Yes, I know, they are host of this competition and that could be a big boost for them, but on the other side they could be under pressure because everyone expect that they will lift the trophy. Despite the fact that they will have big support, they have very strong squad and they have already showed that in the previous friendly matches. France played four friendly matches in 2016 and won all. The most interesting fact is that they scored on each of those four games at least three goals.

England didn’t make many success in the last few big UEFA or FIFA tournaments, but this season some of their players exploded and had great season. Harry Kane, the top scorer of the last Premier League season, is in the great form and everyone except a lot of goals from him. Jamie Vardy, who won the trophy with Leicester City and make one of the biggest surprise in the history of football, is very unpredictable and he could be the main star in France this summer. Without any doubt, they are in the good form and can reach at least Semi-finals.

Italy are also one of the main candidate to become the winner of this competition. Many punters will not agree with that, but if there are some football national team who know to play on the result, that’s Italy. Their main strengths is defence and it will be hard for hit their net. On the other side their attack is not impressive, but 1-0 is the result that Italians love.

Spain are the holder of this trophy and they hope that can repeat their success. But, many key players who played on the previous European Championship are retired, so there are many new faces in the Spanish national team. In the last friendly game they lost against Georgia 0-1 and that could be a sign that they are not in the big form. True, they played with the mixed squad on that game, but the result against one of the worst European national teams is disappointing.

In the football world miracles are happening. Leicester City proved that this season.

Can an underdog win Euro 2016!?


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