Using free bets bookies in Australia

As you begin your search for online bookmakers in Australia, there is one thing you will immediately note. Most, if not all, reputable online bookmakers have the same content. Some might offer other gaming options such as casino games, bingo and poker, but the sports betting and horse racing content is usually the same.

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The Difference

The primary thing that differentiates online bookmakers is the kinds and volume of bonus promotions they offer to punters. Promotions can range in value and content, but each site has it’s own menu of promotions designed with the goal of drawing new customers and holding on to the existing ones. One of the favorite bonus promotions used by sportsbooks pretty much across the board is the welcome aboard free bet bonus. Free bets are in high demand by punters who enjoy the opportunity to make some free wagers without having to risk their personal bankrolls.

What are Free Bets

As the term indicates, free bets are bonus monies set aside to allow the punter to make risk-free wagers on sports events like the Euro. In some cases, the money can also be used to wager on horses and/or casino games if it’s an available option. Inexperienced punters need to be aware the each and every free bet offer comes with terms and conditions that dictate how the betting process and any subsequent winnings are to be handled. It is incumbent on each and every punter to make sure they read and understand each promos terms and conditions before going forward and accepting an offer.

How Free Bookie Bets Work

There are two types of free bookie bets that could be offered. As indicated above, the first type is somehow associated with the punter joining a new bookmaker site and/or making their first deposit. The second type of free bet offer is usually made on an intermittent basis, based on either the punter’s continued loyalty or them making a reload deposit. This second type of free bet offer is usually advertised via email or text on a personal level.

For Australian punters, Australian free bets being offered for signing up are usually awarded in one of two ways, depending on the site. Some bookmakers base its Australian free bets allocation on the punter’s first deposit. Example: the punter will be offered a 300% matching amount of free wagers based on an initial deposit of $50 or more up to a maximum bonus bet reward of $100.

In other cases, the bookmaker will require the punter to make their first deposit and an initial bet on a sports event before they can earn a free bet bonus. That initial bet is often referred to as a qualifying bet. Example: the punter will be offered a free bet bonus equal to the amount of their first real cash wager, up to a maximum of $100 in bonus bets.

In both cases, the bonus amount is usually deposited into a special bonus account. The bonus account allows the bookmaker to track the punter’s bonus betting activity in order to assure the punter does what is required to fulfill the promotions terms and conditions.

Notable Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply with the promos terms and conditions could result in the punter losing their free bet bonus as well as any associated winnings. Each promos terms and conditions will restrict certain punters based on residency, age or account status. Other terms and conditions will dictate how, where and when they can wager their bonus bets. These restrictions might be directed at specific games, sports or types of wagers.

The most important condition revolves around what is termed as the rollover or play through requirement. This is the number of times the punter has to wager either the bonus amount, first deposit and bonus amounts combined or associated winnings in order for any of those associated winnings to be made available for the punter to withdraw. Example: If the promo comes with a 2X rollover requirement on the bonus amount of $100, that means the punter has to make $200 in sports wagers prior to requesting a withdrawal.

For more information related to any of the promotions listed on a bookmaker’s website, punters are encouraged to view the details online or contact one of the site’s customer service representatives at their earliest convenience.


This article was written by Australian betting analyst Tony Samboras who writes about and reviews the latest and most profitable Free Bets in Australia.


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