Swiss Football Tips: Score a Super Return from the Swiss Super League

We all love the game and we love it when our team wins, but there is so much more added spice when we win money from our predictions. Here we look to help punters that are struggling to win and to help increase your returns which really do have value. With simple outlooks, logic and gut instinct, much more can be achieved if you break old failing habits.


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Always pick an online bookmaker over land-based organizations

Swiss online gambling sites provide a better choice of bets, so by selecting a good site online you will be better placed for these tips to work. If you go into a land-based bookie then the odds with be less and there will be no reward presented for your membership.

Start betting smarter with the many choices available

There are now literally hundreds of betting options when it comes to football bets in Switzerland. The market has grown ten-fold in just the past few years. Rewind 7 years and acca’s would only allow you to place bets if the markets were the same, now, you can mix and add whatever you like. Many people falter because of the reluctance to change their habits. It’s very easy to just select which team will win, the problem is that the thought process often overrules the gut instincts you have. Lost a bet and knew you felt that that one was tricky, didn’t feel right, or was too obvious that it was a dead cert but failed? Well, time to cut all that out!

Remember football is a funny old game

Football is unpredictable, no matter how good a team actually is, everyone is susceptible to a loss. When it comes to teams competing in other competitions, they lose focus. Teams lower in the league fit harder for 3 points and those batched in mid-table are so inconsistent that all of this is what makes the game so beautiful. Bear all this in mind, nothing is a certainty.

You get better odds on sport

You can win a good sum from the right predictions, pick acca’s with 5 to 9 stacked odds and you can land yourself sums which match a number of casino jackpots. Obviously the higher you go the more you are set to gain.

Your new betting forecast to take on-board

Tip 1: When it comes to teams in the Swiss League there is often a minor points gap between the bottom and 5th spot. This congestion can work in your favour. When mid-table teams play each other opt for a score market, perhaps Result/Both to Score. For the result pick the team with the better goal difference and for both to score pick yes.

Tip 2: Half-Time Results. These bets offer better odds than the Full-Time odds. This is perfect to use when opting for teams which have better goal differences than their opponents. It also cuts out the risk of those last minute equalizers which statistically are very low when it comes to 1-1 results at half-time.