Over/Under: How to Place and Win Your Serie A Bets

Knowing what betting markets are profitable is as important as using the best sports betting broker services.

But we also know that there’s a lot of these to choose from. So one Serie A betting tip is you should familiarize yourself first to only one or two markets. Mastering even just one can help you get profits consistently, especially if you’re just starting out.

Let’s review one of the easy and lucrative ways to bet on Italian football games – Over/Under Betting. And once we’re done, you can safely place your first bets on the best football odds available at sports betting agents like VOdds.

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Aside from increased earnings, you can also get a welcome bonus of up to €/£200 that you can use on popular football leagues like the Serie A.

What is Over/Under betting?

This market is also known as Total betting. It’s an extremely easy market, because you don’t have to predict who will win a particular Serie A match, which makes it more popular and less risky.

All you have to do is to determine if the actual total number of goals from a match will go over or under a certain benchmark. This value depends on the odds you’re betting on but it always ends in .5 so the results whether you win the bet or not is clear as half a goal doesn’t exist in football.

How does it work?

Let’s say for a match between Inter Milan vs Napoli, you expect a combined goals of 5 from both football teams. If you think this is only the minimum and they can score more, then place an Over 4.5 goals bet. If you predict that this will be their maximum number of goals, then do an Under 5.5 goals bet.

Here’s the breakdown of how many goals you need to win depending on the benchmark:

  • 0.5 – 0 goal for Under, 1 goal or more for Over
  • 1.5 – 0 to 1 goal for Under, 2 goals or more for Over
  • 2.5 –  0 to 2 goals for Under, 3 goals or more for Over
  • 3.5 –  0 to 3 goals for Under, 4 goals or more for Over
  • 4.5 –  0 to 4 goals for Under, 5 goals or more for Over
  • 5.5 –  0 to 5 goals for Under, 6 goals or more for Over

How to profit on this betting market?

Analyzing statistics is the most important thing you cannot forgo when betting on this market. Before you start, you should have a record of the team’s goals over the years.

You can choose a football match and get the head-to-head scores of the two playing teams. Keep track of Serie A top scorers, which team are they playing right now, and how is the season unfolding for them.

You can also select five to ten teams to monitor during every season of Serie A. Then make a list of each team’s goals per game, get the average score, and bet accordingly every time the teams on your list are playing against each other.

However, you decide to proceed, having accurate data is vital in increasing your chances of winning. Your record will be a solid addition to your betting strategy as you have a concrete basis of each team’s capabilities. Combined with other information such as squad line up, weather condition, the clubs defensive or offensive strategy, and more will make it easier to make more informed Serie A predictions.

Once you get the hang of this, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually collecting data. Most professional gamblers rely on technology, and for this task they use sports betting API in addition to their betting brokerage.

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Luckily, VOdds is among the few Asian sportsbook aggregator sites that also offers API services. This makes betting easier and smarter as you only need one brokerage service to get the latest sports data and bet on them across multiple bookmakers.